Selling Your House Fast – 5 Tips You Must Follow

sell house fast


The time has come and you need to get your home sold fast. If your going the traditional route and listing with a real estate agent and posting photos on the MLS, then there are several items to consider to increase your chances of selling fast and getting the price you desire.

Follow these 5 tips and you will dramatically increase your chances of a fast home sale.

1. Clean, clean and clean some more!

     Clean floors, furniture, windows, closets, walls, cabinets and yard. Every room should appear fresh, clean & tidy. Buyers will walk right back out if they encounter dirty dishes, handprints and strange smells.

2. De-Clutter

      Your going to be moving anyway so now would be the time to move 95% of items into boxes and either into a storage unit or one of the mobile storage boxes that can be delivered to your site. (that way you still have access to items you may need). Closets and drawers should be almost empty.

3. Neutralize

Buyers need to see themselves in a space. This is easier to do in a neutral environment. Beige, off white, tan, sandy yellow tones work best because any style can work with these colors. You may love that celery green wall color in the kitchen or that gorgeous red dining room but it might turn off potential home buyers.

4. Repair/Replace

Repair broken or worn out item to attract buyers looking for move in ready homes. Dripping sink faucets, toilets that run, chipped tile, paint, thread bare carpet, Remove worn or outdated window coverings. Take a good look at the roof and around the perimeter of the eves for signs of termite damage. Buyers will have an inspection done as part of the home mortgage application process and all items could be used to negotiate down on price right before closing!

Sellers can feel really pressured to take the lowered offer and keep the current buyer rather than start back at square one with more showings etc. Do the repairs ahead of time or better yet, get your own inspection and take care of all those items that could lead to a price reduction later.

5. Stage Your Home

Sellers of model homes know what they’re doing when they spend $$$ on staging a home for sale. You don’t need to go that far or spend much for a huge impact. If all of the items above are done then completing the following will be sure to have your buyers considering your house as their next home.

  • New colorful door mat
  • New door hardware and mail box
  • Yard neat and clean with colorful flowers near the front door in pots or flower beds
  • Fresh flowers in kitchen and maybe a bowl of green apples on the kitchen table
  • Fresh fluffy towels in the bathrooms
  • New rug in bathroom and new shower curtain
  • candles
  • new neutral bedspreads
  • remove most personal photos
  • remove any collection or display
  • provide an area outside with seating, shade, a Bar-B-Q or fountain

You are sure to get your home noticed and sold faster if you follow these suggestions. On the other hand, if you have a home that you need to sell fast but do not have the time, desire or ability to complete these tasks your best solution is selling to a real estate investor. Investors looking to buy homes in as-is condition are located in every city. Mama Buys Houses LLC buys homes in the San Diego and throughout Southern California for cash, charges no commissions or fees and closes escrow on your timeline.