Follow along, step-by-step as we walk through the average purchase of a home from start to finish.

Find out how to evaluate property like an investor!

  • 1

    Pick Up The Phone!

    The first step in any transaction is talking with the investor. Call Christy and she will ask you some basic information. Bedroom/bathroom count, any needed repairs, how quickly you need to sell, are you behind in payments etc. Christy will ask your reason for selling and how much your hoping to get. Set an appointment for Christy to see the house.

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    Meet Christy and show her around the property

    Depending on what your intentions are with the property this visit can be as quick as 15-20 min or several hours if the situation is complicated. If your main concern is getting the most cash possible and time is not a huge factor then Christy will most likely recommend listing it with an agent. We can discuss the items that will be required to be brought up to code or needing repair in order to sell on the MLS and how much that will cost you. Christy can tell you what you will be paying in closing costs and commissions plus how long this should take. If time is of the essence then a quick cash offer will be presented to you.

  • 3

    Offer Accepted

    You have come to a mutually agreeable offer and a contract with all the agreed upon price and terms is signed. Once the contract for purchase is signed you can start packing! If you need help clearing out a home or arranging moving or storage Christy can help with that as well.

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    Escrow is Opened

    Escrow is basically a neutral third party that process the purchase of the home. They make sure that the sellers do what they need to do and the buyers do what they need to do such as sign papers, provide inspections and allocate the fees associated with the sale and purchase such as closing fees. During escrow we run title checks to insure a clear title and complete our inspections. If time is critical we can close in as little as 3 days or we can keep escrow open for months! 30 days is average.

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    House is Cleared Out

    While escrow is processing, the furnishings are moved out. This can be a huge job and is one Christy is happy to help with. Just ask! We can provide moving trucks and manpower!

  • 6

    Pick Up Your Check From Escrow!

    That's it! Your house is sold! You can move on with your life! Wasn't that easy?