Alcross Day 23

wood choice

Hardwood floor refinishing day! Was hoping to have all tile work and paint completed by this day but that did not happen. Hardwood floor guy had to be scheduled weeks in advance so the show must go on! Floors were sanded and due to some damage on the original hardwood we had to choose a…

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Alcross Day 22


Hmmmm, today the painters were scheduled to finish the interior paint job. Everyone else was told no work could be done today but…. at 7:30am I get a call from the tile guy. He had just arrived for the day to finish his tile work (that he was suppose to have done yesterday)! Then the…

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Alcross Day 21

mothers day

It’s Mothers Day today! Today the plan had been to do the tiling but something came up and tile guy didn’t make it. (No I did not insist he work on Mothers Day!) The lighting installation was completed and vanities picked up and brought to the house. The dishwasher was delivered. This Mom had a…

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Alcross Day 20


Today Dave installed ceiling fans and hall lighting. Things are coming together!

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Alcross Day 19


Cabinets get installed! Great to have true professionals on the job! Our painters continue with the interior priming and painting of ceilings. Wish I could see it now. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a house look like new!

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Alcross Day 18


Drove out to Alcross and spent the day picking up supplies with Brian and his truck! Mulch and gardening stuff. Lights and faucets. Microwave and tile! The new painters were working on their prepping which is a huge job! Finalized the window install and wrapped up the day by going to my Mom’s for dinner.…

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