Alcross Day 29


The kitchen backsplash was installed today and the tile looks great with the granite counter. We added a brushed nickel trim for a touch of something special. The bathtub was reglazed and the job came out fantastic. There is a 5 year warranty and it is smooth ans shiny!

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Alcross Day 28


Granite is installed! Golden granite at an awesome price! Other work continues and we are getting close to the end!

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Alcross Day 27


Wow today was also crazy with activity! I was actually at the property til about 9pm then driving home I got all the way to Laguna Beach before I realized I had left my laptop in the closet!!!!!! I turned around and it was midnight by the time I got home to La Jolla. This…

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Alcross Day 26


OOOh floors look good! Really makes a difference. I would have put carpet in the bedrooms only but the hardwood floor guy gave me such a great price it basically cost the same a carpet. Lots of activity being done today! Here are a few pictures!

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Ahhh, landscaping day! Plants were set into place and arrangements were made to create a border where the ugly cypress bushes and old bricks had been. I think the solution was a good one now we just need a little more plants and the grass to grow in! 105 degree weather is not helping! The…

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Alcross Day 24


House is looking much better! A lot of work was needed on the fascia due to major peeling and wood damage. Interesting thing about peeling paint on older houses is that if that paint is found to contain lead it requires a major remediation removal process $$$$. I took a sample for testing and was…

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