Alcross Day 27


Wow today was also crazy with activity! I was actually at the property til about 9pm then driving home I got all the way to Laguna Beach before I realized I had left my laptop in the closet!!!!!! I turned around and it was midnight by the time I got home to La Jolla.

This back and forth thing is exhausting but I like to be home for Kyra at night and morning so I try to head out to property about 2-3x week. Occasionally I stay the night at my sisters house which is super convenient plus I get to hang with my brother which has been great. Brian really has been helpful to me with his years of experience working for a major flipper in San Diego. It’s nice having someone who “GETS it”.

Most contractors are not used to working the tight timeline or the wholesale pricing flippers require so getting a team together is half the battle in getting a job done in 30 days!